In case you need to develop a professionally looking Internet site, but you don't have a lot of experience and are not certain what application to employ, it could help if your web hosting company provides an Internet site installer tool. Unlike the popular application installers which are essentially just a set of scripts, a site installer will permit you to to choose the most suitable app with respect to the sort of site that you want to create. This will save you the time and work to research whether a certain script shall do the job or not. Only a few businesses offer site installers, but should you have this sort of a software tool available, you'll be able to start your web presence fast and easy. What you shall get will be a ready-to-use website which you can begin customizing in line with your taste and requires using the back office of the newly installed application.
Website Installer in Shared Web Hosting
All shared web hosting packages we offer include a website installer. The tool features a very intuitive interface, so configuring your Internet site shall be super easy even if you have never had a hosting account before. It takes three simple steps to have your website working - pick your domain name, pick the type of website - CMS, blog, wiki, e-commerce, etc., select the login details for the script and you're done. We have thousands of beautiful themes that you are able to pick from on the second step and you shall see the relevant ones in accordance with what purpose you have selected for the website, so you'll be able to have a unique site immediately. The tool as well as all themes which are provided inside the hosting CP come by default with every single package deal and at no additional cost, so you could save a lot of cash on web design services and still have a professional website.