Ubuntu is among the most popular Linux editions for desktop computers, yet the OS also has a server version, that has been becoming more popular these days. Ubuntu is very quick and supports various hardware components, so it can run on pretty much any computer not using too much system resources. The OS is regarded as being really reliable and secure, not to mention that due to its popularity, you will find lots of sources online with info about any question or problem that you might have. The Long-Term Support (LTS) versions are supported for a minimum of five years, so you'll be able to get security patches without worrying about softwareissues over time. Since Ubuntu is totally free to use, you are able to customize both its core as well as the thousands of additional software packages which you can download and install in any way you see fit, with no limitations and without paying any license fees. In this way, you'll receive an effective, dependable and powerful hosting service and pay only the cost of the server.