A data center could be explained as an advanced warehouse for web servers. This is a facility which holds a large number of web servers used by businesses for storing content and files or for executing computation services at a large scale. Hosting, search engines and big social networks are just several examples of the services which need data centers for their hosting servers since they can't operate on just one server. The facilities handle the heat range, humidity, electrical power and connection backups in order to guarantee the most effective and continuous work of all hosting servers stored there. All data centers feature 24/7 monitoring and restrict the access to the servers so as to ensure that the hosting servers are secure all of the time. The quality of any online service you get typically depends not simply on the firm you communicate with, but also on the data center facility they use.
Data centers in Shared Web Hosting
We provide our shared web hosting packages in five exceptional data centers around the world as to give you a choice to select the one closest to you or to your target area. Our highly-developed cloud platform is available in all five of them, so you shall enjoy the exact same high level of service irrespective of your choice. The facilities that are based in the United States, England, Australia, BG and Finland, offer multi-gigabit connectivity via numerous backbone Internet providers and highly effective backup generators to make sure that your Internet sites will be up and running all of the time. As competent support teams handle our web servers on all three continents, we are able to focus on developing new services and enhancing the existing ones continuously, so we could present you with the first-class Internet hosting service which you have always desired.
Data centers in Dedicated Servers
We've picked one of the biggest data centers on earth for the dedicated server plans which we provide. The Colohouse facility in downtown Chicago provides excellent conditions for all machines accommodated there and that's one of the factors to select it for our servers. The data center is among the best locations to host Internet sites that target North America as it has direct fiber connections with many cities across the US and Canada, so how quick site visitors shall open your websites will depend entirely on their Internet connection. Numerous Internet service providers and a 1.5 MW diesel backup generator guarantee that your dedicated server shall be working constantly and that your websites will never go offline. The most recent generation of Cisco network components and thoroughly tested server spares along with a 24-7 technical support are also amongst the motives behind our choice to offer dedicated servers inside the Colohouse facility.