Setting up a CNAME record for any of the domain addresses or subdomains you've got within a hosting account allows you to point it to a different domain/subdomain. The forwarded Internet domain will lose all of its records - A, MX etc, and will take the records of the Internet domain it's being redirected to. In this light, you cannot create a CNAME record to point your domain name to a third-party provider and maintain a functional e-mail service with the first provider. It's also essential to know that a CNAME record is always a string of words and never a number because it is frequently confused with the A record of the domain being forwarded. One of the main uses of a CNAME record is to direct a domain name which you own through one provider to the servers of some other company in case you have set up a site with the latter. By doing this, the website will appear under your own domain, not under some subdomain provided by the third-party company.
CNAME Records in Shared Web Hosting
The Hepsia hosting CP, which we offer with each and every shared web hosting plan, will enable you to set up CNAME records for every domain or subdomain hosted inside the account with only a few mouse clicks. If you aren't sure how to go about it, you can check out the video tutorial that's available inside the Control Panel, read the comprehensive Help article on the subject, or simply contact us and we can assist you 24/7, though it is not likely that you'll experience any problems as all it takes to set up a new CNAME record is to choose a domain/subdomain, type the hostname you're pointing to, and save the modification. The new record will be fully active within the hour. Using CNAME records permits you to have better control over your domain names and website content and our system is simple and intuitive enough to allow individuals with no previous experience to set up this sort of records effortlessly.